Touch again questions the price as the key Rift or defeats Vive

Since April, the Oculus Rift's "Light" color has been gradually removed by HTC Vive. Whether it is in product experience or price, HTC Vive seems to have been the last step of Oculus Rift.

In terms of experience, Oculus Rift is still unable to provide a room-scale experience, and this is the killer that HTC Vive stands out under the huge glory of Oculus. As early as August 2015, Xiao Bian experienced the early version of Shanghai Chamber Music's early room game "Crybaby" with Oculus Rift in Shanghai, which made me feel awkward. Then in December 2015, Xiaobian went to experience the HTC Vive version of “Crying Doll” in Beijing. He walked around freely but had almost no motion sickness and was very immersed. That was my first deep feeling.

Faced with a large number of users' questions, Oculus began to show a demonstration that Oculus Rift supports the room scale experience. However, Oculus still insists that the room scale experience has no demand in such an early stage, so they are bent on the road of seated experience. Many users are helpless and can only blame Oculus for being too arrogant and arbitrary.