Seenda desktop creative PA charging base sun single

Before the evening of the night, check out Auntie's late night cabbage to make a guess

For those of me with a little bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder, of course, I could not find myself unable to sleep.

Looking for a long time or can not find, read the comment in knowing what a ghost

Then I bought it

Used coupons, 19.9 to hand

Two days later I received the courier and wrapped it with a bunch of bubbles.

The front of the box is khaki, similar to the color of kraft paper

The face under the box, bilingual manual, unfortunately can only read Chinese

On the front side of the box, there is a two-dimensional code of the website with the public number's two-dimensional code, and there is a laser sticker.

The back of the box is in English and I can't read it. I guess it is a function introduction

The sides of the box, blank, nothing

Open the box, bracket body, lying bare in the inside, there is no paper or wrap, feeling not high

The color is in accordance with the color of the wood. The actual material is written in eucalyptus, and I don't know whether it is true or not.

It's hard, anyway.

Come out, touch and see

No matter if it is on the surface or on the edge, it is smooth and polished.

But it is not good for the hand to reach inside, it is rough and the burr is serious

The two sides that can see the phone inside are glare

The groove in the middle of the mobile phone, there are two non-slip rubber stickers on the front, there is no

There are also four non-slip patches at the bottom, very good

The tail groove is where the charging cable is placed. It is very convenient

Take a side to feel the thickness

Come to experience a big size

This big mouth is still very touching

Take a close look and feel the glitch

The burr on the left and right side is one high and one low

Download a spirit level and feel it

But it's not so damaging

Side can also be used as a mobile phone holder, but the speaker function can not be used

The following bumps are also somewhat obstructed

Let's feel like putting a song

It does have the function of a speaker, but what I wrote above is that it can expand the sound by a factor of three.

Finally, it's fine, $19.9, not expensive, worth it