Hammer Smartisan OS three killer experience: There is a feeling of PC office

On October 18th, at the hammer new conference, HammerTech CEO Luo Yonghao spent nearly 4 hours to introduce two flagship mobile phones: Smartisan M1 and M1L. This product release was straight-forward and was not even foreshadowed. Directly broadcasted promotional videos.

In the current lack of innovation in smart phone hardware, even the old Luo, who has always been his own way, had to admit that the appearance of the new hammer and the iPhone's similarities, after the release of the paranoid, the old Luo could not even talk about the parameters , ran from the run points, but he has also stressed that "the hammer is a user to do the user experience."

After listening to the first half of the conference, when everyone thought that the hammer would not come up with something amazing, the old Luo did show the three killer functions of Smartisan OS 3.1, and they were amazed by the small partners in the field. , They are respectively the news flight recognition, BigBong (big bang) and One Step, these demo demos on the interactive experience is the most concentrated applause of the whole conference.

Titanium geek reporters got the Smartisan M1 real machine for the first time since the conference, and in-depth experience of the Smartisan OS 3.1 system and all sorts of native applications for crying and crying in the next two days. It is time for everyone to be Explained!

1. Information flight input

For a friend who is used to typing on a computer, typing with a small screen on a mobile phone is really not a good choice.

The reason for work attributes, I often need to do a lot of communication on the WeChat, generally as long as the computer in the next scene, I will definitely choose to scan the micro-letter on the Mac to log in, but this time the old Luo said that the news voice input Will you pull you back from the computer back to the mobile phone?

Xiao Bian first used Hawking's paragraph to test it.

Voice input is not really any black technology, but a technical job requires long-term accumulation of algorithms to achieve a good experience. The standard to measure is accuracy, and the company was established in 1999 and was more than 10 years old. This matter is only engaged in this matter. No matter how old Luo gave him no advertising, it is a respectable company.

In the demo of the scene, Lao Luo’s quickly speaking section of the text is basically error-free. After two days of actual use, the accuracy of the 97% of the information input by X-Fei should not be a problem, but there is a major premise that it is a relatively quiet environment. The next, so that Xiao Xiaomu, director of hammer technology products worried about the scene noise interference, in order to prevent Deme interpretation also recorded a video of apology.

The accuracy of speech recognition technology depends heavily on the use scenario. However, the user's use scenario is very complex. This imposes higher requirements on more specific technologies such as speech synthesis, speech assessment, speech correction, and voiceprint recognition. In a comprehensive view, the solution provided by the company should be considered as excellent among similar products. Well, there is nothing wrong with this part.

2, "Big Bang" participle

Using the thumb to press the text on the screen over a large area, "Big Bang" will all "blast" that paragraph of text that you hold, and the effect is indeed similar to the big bang. . . This vivid image can be scored!

All along, it is difficult to deal with text on the screen of a mobile phone and it is an anti-human thing. Especially for iPhone users, everyone absolutely feels the same. We need to use radish fingers to select and copy on a small screen. Paste, the efficiency is really low.

And the word segmentation function named "Big Bang" perfectly solves this problem. It will be divided into easily selectable independent words and words according to semantic intelligence. You can choose whatever you like, and you can copy, paste and search directly. The text can also be present on the clipboard or sent directly.

"Big Bang" is a trick to use the thumb to touch the screen, remember to be a big screen! If your finger is too small, you can select its trigger area in the "Big Bang" setting of Smartisan OS 3.1, which is divided into "minimum, small, medium, large, and maximum".

In addition, after the text "Big Bang", the intimate Smartisan OS also provides a search function that supports up to ten search engines! If a friend sends you something you don’t know in English, you can directly search for it by frying it. Compared to selecting, copying, and searching, you don’t know how many steps you have!

"Big Bang" is a system-level application integrated into the Smartisan OS, which means that you can trigger it whenever there is a need for word processing, such as memo, email, WeChat, QQ, and so on. (The figure below shows the effect of the article bombed on my titanium APP...)

The word segmentation hammer is not the first one. Before this, the reporter also used a clipboard tool called “pin”, which has similar functions but takes some time to adapt to its operation mode. The "Big Bang" built into the Smartisan OS is even better in terms of ease of use and search functionality!

3, "One Step"

Lao Luo said that hammer technology is a small step, a big step for smart phones. This small step refers to "One Step."

"One Step" is one of the three killer functions of Smartisan OS 3.1. It is an interactive design that improves the efficiency of mobile phone operation. It borrows from the multitasking mode on the PC and sends information to applications or contacts by dragging and dropping. Actions save many steps in switching between different applications.

Long-term use of the computer partners, I guarantee that command + tab (Mac) or Alt + Tab (windows) is certainly one of your most commonly used shortcut keys, mainly used to switch between different applications, and the hammer's "One Step However, I found this kind of seamless switching pleasure on mobile phones.

The triggering method is extremely simple. You need to slide to the middle of the screen in the upper left corner or the upper right corner. Immediately after the screen is divided into three parts, the sidebar is a shortcut to the application. Click to start and switch quickly. The shortcuts support custom sorting, and all applications installed on the system are supported.

The top bar is the three commonly used "file quick access module". Call it for the time being, "recent pictures, recent files, clipboard", "One Step" starts, you can directly drag text, pictures, files To any application, it is very convenient to send emails and transfer files with friends.

To recall the operation of the iPhone switching task, you need to double-click the home button to make a selection. If the editing and sending of files and texts are more troublesome, the existence of “One Step” opens the border between applications in the handheld device for the first time.

In summary, the new generation of Smartisan OS 3.1 pioneered the addition of new features such as One Step and Big Bang. From text input, editing, sharing and collaboration between different applications, these software innovations greatly enhance the mobile device. Operational efficiency is just right everywhere.

The important thing is that it makes people feel like they have a PC office for the first time on a mobile device! (This article first titanium media, editor / Li Yupeng)