The first millet grocery shop shopping experience, the first out of the box report - MI millet mobile power supply 10000mAh high version

If you want to go to Beijing West on Saturday to play, how can you do without a mobile power supply? Without moving power, it is estimated that you have just arrived at the destination and the claw machine is about to fall asleep.

After a half-day of homework, and after some tangling, the middle of the night on Wednesday (00:31 am on Thursday). . . When placing an order, first praise the Xiaomi Mall and if the wind express delivery, a single order at 00:31 in the morning, more than five in the afternoon to be sent, it can be said is not a small surprise. Before I bought a meter note for my colleagues, I waited for about three or four days. Links offered ~~

Okay~~ Come and see the Lord~~

After receiving the unit can not wait to get a picture with the baby's thigh ~ originally thought there would be a carton horse, the result of this bag packaging. . . Compared with my colleague mnote, it's a lot lower. . Return home at night, open and open ~~

A layer of skin bag + a bubble film + order information + mobile power + "millet gift bag" ... ... saying that this millet Mall 150, mobile power 149, so ~ decisively scrape a single ~

The back of the box, the parameters at a glance ... ... here to talk about the reasons for choosing it. First of all, its other brand of millet mobile power supply can not meet all of my capacity pass pass out, that is to say straight to the theme of the choice of 10,000, there are also 20,000 yeah, but the appearance of the feeling is still more metal texture, Millet 20000 is a plastic shell, and the appearance is generally like, not likable. Say other brands, Sony's very good, but also slightly expensive, do not consider; Philips price is acceptable, but the design of their own line is unacceptable; feather Bo 10000mAh with Android and Apple two input ports, for me Apple's interface is a waste, do not like there are extra things or gaps in the mobile power, pass ... and then there will be a part of the mobile power there will be a "bulb", personal feeling is also no need to exist, yes, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. . . Also control. . .

This I think the design is good, specifically to shoot a ha ~

Seeing this is not happy, this Type-C adapter was pulled out for a long time before I pulled it out... I was struggling... I can't figure it out. There's only wool, just look at this, 2 generations are simpler and more ruthless. Happy...

Speaking of 2 generations, the first two days of millet mobile power 2 new launches, 79, is also 10000mAh. Looked at the parameters, the thickness is slightly fat and lost, 14.1mm, the shell is the same material, but because the second generation of anode treatment only once, the battery density is not as high as the version. Single said that cost-effective, 2 generations higher, but the performance is still higher with a higher advantage. (Due Niang told me that anodizing is a metal surface treatment process...abbreviated as “ultra-abrasive”)

Come out to be the Lord and seal it.

Just the size of my hand, this color is more... When I look on the Internet, I feel deeper, I lose it, and I feel it is a bit shallow. It may be a light problem.

There is no extra, I like ~ the right button is not a switch, a switch is not a switch, it is called "electricity check button". . . Double press can be used to charge Bluetooth headset, millet bracelet ~~but~~who care~~ I don't have that thing~~

At the bottom, the light is dark and not very clear

There is dirt on the table, do not despise me ... 21:47 start charging, almost half of the electricity, 00:29, is already full. High version of the actual capacity of 7100? ? The 2nd generation is said to be 6500... two-way 18v, better than the 2nd generation 18v-15v. Seeing the Type-C interface again... I still want to Tucao, maybe I don't understand. . . But really not! like! Huan! (Okay... I don’t use millet 5~ I don’t understand this love~ )

Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of it ~~

Advantages: size, weight moderate, grip can be; no extra parts, simple; faster charging speed; moderate price ... ... again to express delivery ~ ~

Disadvantages: Type-C... Actual capacity 7100, if a bit more conversion rate is not more nice?

In general, in a large number of mobile power is still relatively good, you can buy, easy to use is not expensive. In fact, if Philips looks good, without that line, I will buy Philips. In general, this section is still relatively enjoyable.

It's time to go to bed, write this for the first time. I hope my MI Po will lead me on a good weekend. Oh, yeah... I have to change this puzzle on the table......... ..........................................

Finally spent a bit more money to get a bag of clothes ... ... to sleep ... ...