A "high value" for girls - SAMSUNG Samsung 500R4K-X04 notebook

First, demand and selection

On the National Day, a female colleague prepared to send a notebook for her husband's niece to go to college. I asked for a delivery service. The time required delivery in two days. Remarks: I have already given a gift of 10,000 yuan to my family. Prostitutes are not too computer savvy. Please reflect on this sentence repeatedly, reflecting the ambiguity and complex family relations of Chinese language .

I often give people custom desktops based on demand, and laptops are often purchased. This demand is more bizarre. After careful analysis of my wife, I concluded that money is not spent, and that the value of the face value should be low, and it can be fooled. The purchase time is October 4th, and delivery will be on the morning of October 7th. Then there will be only Computer City or JD/Suning. In order to support the personal Jingdong trumpet, it is clear that Jingdong’s self-employment guarantees timeliness. After buying this machine, my trumpet was also upgraded to a diamond.

I generally recommend to buy a notebook for about 5000, the brand can be used, the quality of the live, the configuration is also decent. The current demand is to save money as much as possible and send it out without losing face, then you can only lose it. Target 4000 in the early days, big brands, I5's low-voltage U, 4G or 8G memory, 500G mechanical hard disk, nuclear display or low-end single significant, low-end screen. In the past, when configuring for female friends, how many times did you talk about how to configure it? The result was that people said I wanted that pink one. Then this station will focus on the appearance of 5,000 or more on the election of a low-level MBA, 4000 then choose Samsung. I bought this later.

Samsung (SAMSUNG) 500R4K-X04 14-inch notebook (i5-5200U 8G 256G 2G alone Win10) Polar White

In fact, if you do not choose Samsung this page notebook, 13 that section is actually more appropriate, the configuration is not a little pit, but people want to be ordinary, then the most common choice 14. PC terminal price 4399, mobile phone side 3999, no gifts. This kind of selling can avoid the parity software of the PC segment, causing the price to be stable at 4399. The other websites are also almost 3999, and the difference between them is tens of dollars.

The configuration is as follows: Model NP500R4K-X04CN Color polar white Operating system Windows 10 Processor CPU i5-5200U Memory capacity 8GB Graphics type Discrete graphics memory Memory capacity Independent 2GB Screen size 14.0 inches 16:9 Physical resolution 1366 x 768 Size 336 x 230.5 x 20.9 Mm, the weight did not write, the actual feeling of 3 pounds to take it, Zhongguancun online parameters that is 1.65KG.

The pit of this machine mainly lies in the 1366 x 768 screen, and the graphics card is 920M. Although it is 2GB of memory, it is of no use. The conscience lies in 8GB of memory, and 256GB of SSDs. Comrades familiar with notebook SSDs will know that if there is no evaluation before buying, we do not know the specific brands and parameters of notebooks with solid-state drives. The Samsung notebook is certainly a Samsung-branded SSD that comes with Samsung. There are only a few of them. The only difference is performance. Because it is a light-weight drive without optical drive, and the weight is not heavy, I subjectively think that it should be NGFF's solid-state hard drive, a single memory slot, the result is a bit unexpected.

Second, arrival and opening

Jingdong's self-operated delivery speed is still very fast. Jingdong will deliver it to the family the next morning. Take a few pictures as usual, which are the outer box, inner box, A, BC, D surface and keyboard close-up. There is a Jingdong plastic bag outside and there is a Samsung cardboard box inside.


Inner box

A surface

D surface

B and C faces

Keyboard close-up

Running points

It should be said that the value of Samsung's notebook is still good, the piano is lacquer, the size is light, and the battery life is also quite good. Although there is no running out of electricity, there is no problem in 6 hours. But in a few months you will find the paint is very easy to scratch, especially white, in addition there will be a certain fade in the palm rest, white faded it will be quite ugly. Running sub-standard, cpu and hard disk points are good.

Third, disassemble and change parts

In addition, the same single also bought a 14-inch shoulder bag and spent 59. After reading this price point, everyone knows my purpose is to control within 4,000 and it looks like the goods. Vouchers do this easily.

He called the colleague at the hand and was praised for not choosing the 4500 price, and the euphemistic grade was still high, and the package selection was good. Obedient listening, I said I can also reduce the allocation. 8G can become 4G, and solid state drives can be replaced with mechanical 500G. Can also be cheaper three or four hundred, I can help sell it down. Well, it was praised again.

Then I continue to map.

Disassemble tools

Remove the floor

Disassemble diagram

Hard disk support

After removing the hard disk

Hard disk front

Hard disk back

Heat dissipation section

500G Western Digital 7mm Hard Drive

Dismantling is very easy, the back of the 9 screws to screw down, with a bank card to open the card on the line, rotten bananas that my heart tangled. Disassemble found that this machine is not simple, ah, memory is onboard, there is no separate memory slot, is worthy of Samsung, in order to be light and very thought. But why is this hard disk 2.5? No ngff slots yet? I guess before the disassemble the long time is 2240 or 2280, this 2.5 makes me very confused. Samsung Samsung CM871a 2.5 256G MZ7TY256HDHP SATA3 SSD solid state drive, this everyone likes to own Taobao, the continuous reading of the logo on the picture and outstanding performance of 4K. However, according to other evaluations, continuous writing is poor, and 4K is also falsified. However, nothing can be felt with actual use. About 450 on Taobao. I removed a Seagate mobile hard disk box and transformed it into a mobile SSD.

Hard disk parameters

Looks like it can't change the memory, but the hard disk can, 500G 9.5mm thick mechanical hard drive is easy to find, but 7mm rare. To 1TB capacity, Jingdong 7mm is much more expensive than 9.5. But fortunately we have salted fish, urgently, to find a local player 140 received, from his Thinkpad X240 disassemble. 1TB 7mm also 300, much cheaper than the Jingdong 450.

Fourth , the end

October 7 was delivered on time and was eaten less than 200 meals. I remember my father-in-law said that marriage is not something for two people. It is the sum of two social relationships. Well, as a middle school political teacher, he is very good.

Originally written here is over, but the editor said that we need to add some practical experience and buying advice. Then I will add a few words to it. As a system maintainer, I generally use only the process to speak, do not comment on specific brands and products, I hope everyone will not read this paragraph. Samsung's laptops are usually very good looking and cost-effective. This is similar to the previous Sony vaio, but I personally prefer vaio so that the value and workmanship are excellent, at least people are justified. This NP500R4K-X04CN comparison pit, low score screen, 920M white card belongs to the should be removed to improve performance. The SSD should be the interface of NGFF, so that a SATA interface can be reserved for the mechanical hard disk or another SSD to increase the capacity, instead of using 2.5 disks in the pursuit of light and thin times. The built-in wireless network card is 3165, quite satisfactory, with a Gigabit network cable interface on the side. Heat dissipation is also quite satisfactory. Selling point actually lies in the appearance and brand, but 3999 if it can do 3599 is still appropriate, personally do not recommend buying this, if you really like this color, I recommend to buy this 13-inch,

, 4699,5200U upgraded to 6200U, 1080P screen, nuclear display, 1.34KG, life is said to be 9 hours, in fact, 7 hours should be no problem, can be said to take into account the appearance / portable and battery life. If you buy the book built-in ngff interface and support nvme, now on the market I generally recommend replacing the Samsung sm951 512G, sm961's price is high, 950pro more pit. The pictures in the article are all taken by mobile phones. The effect is a bit poor. Because things have already been delivered, they cannot be remade. They can only say that they are sorry.