RAD's latest micro network interface device MiNID solution

After launching a finger-sized, extremely flexible micro-network interface device, RAD Data CommunicaTIons changed the rules of the Ethernet service industry.

RAD's latest Micro Network Interface Device (MiNID) is a full-featured, highly intelligent, small package hot swap (SFP) solution that can be inserted into the SFP empty slot of any manufacturer's host device. When an SFP device is inserted into a patent-pending sleeve, it can become an operator's Ethernet demarcation and service level agreement (SLA) verification device, providing remote service monitoring and fault isolation.

The pocket-sized MiNID fully caters to the needs of small cell backhaul applications, virtual private networks and network terminals of operators' wholesale suppliers.

Amir Karo, vice president of marketing at RAD, explained: "MiNID has Ethernet demarcation and performance monitoring capabilities, so service providers, wholesale operators and mobile operators can carry out service demarcation and verification with this product." He pointed out: "MiNID It also allows them to receive real-time network and performance reports defined by service-level SLAs. No other manufacturer besides us now has both functions on SFP equipment. "

Karo added: "In addition, MiNID is also compatible with any manufacturer's SFP." He went on to say: "The same MiNID can be used with either single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber, as is electronic SFP. According to The different distances of SFP can be as long as 10/40/80 kilometers. Moreover, MiNID is also suitable for SFPs that have been installed on existing equipment, which can not only save costs significantly, but also facilitate a lot. "

Karo concluded by saying: "MiNID is entirely built on RAD's own technology. Therefore, it is easier for us to add functionality than those manufacturers that rely on third-party off-the-shelf technology."

MiNID can handle up to 1 Gbps of Ethernet traffic and has per-interface and per-flow monitoring functions, including Ethernet operations management and maintenance (OAM) and loopback. The product does not require an independent cabinet space or external power supply. It can be managed independently from the managed device, or it can be integrated with the managed device and used as the same device.

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