[Creative DIY] From the recorder to the robot transformation

I (the original author) is the kind of person who will leave all the damaged electronic devices, because I might use them someday. I have a broken CD, a tape cartridge and a radio that someone else sent me, it will remain off at random. It turns out that this is only because some solder joint on the radio is broken. After I disassembled the radio, I realized that because we already have a mobile phone, we have rarely used it in these years. If I assemble it back, it is just a drop on the shelf.

I decided to take off the extra things on it and use the remaining key parts to assemble something that has the same function but is novel. At least it can be used as an ornament on the shelf. If you also like to use waste to make robots , then you might like this kind of experiment. This robot can play CDs, tapes, listen to the radio, and connect to your phone via an audio input cable.

The first step: tool preparation

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