Upstream: enclosure, enclosure, or enclosure

As the beginning of the entire industrial chain, the upstream industry provides the design and production of raw materials and epitaxial chips. According to the smile curve theory, the upstream is often a chain with relatively rich profits and moderate competition. It holds the core technology and therefore has relatively high barriers to entry. This is also the reason why investors have always preferred. However, there will be too much supply and increased competition in the upstream, and even subject to changes in downstream demand, it is impossible to actively explore new needs or markets.

As a typical “high-tech, high-cost, high-profit, high-risk” “four highs” link, epitaxy and chips have always been the focus of attention in the global LED industry. From the current level of industry technology and trends, epitaxy and chip technology are still in the initial stage of development. Material improvement, efficiency improvement, cost control and subversive changes are still the opportunities and challenges facing the next stage of the industry.

Entering the most upstream of the industry is not only the choice of a few capital-rich domestic enterprises, but also the best choice for foreign companies to expand in the country. The upstream enclosure has become an inevitable trend since 2010. This trend will be further intensified in at least 1-3 years, and an upstream battle for invisible smoke is being staged. Of course, in this process, it is not excluded that some enterprises take the opportunity to “enclosure” cash and defraud government project funds. According to GLII incomplete statistics, in the first nine months of 2010, domestic LED upstream enterprises have accumulated more than 2 billion yuan in equipment investment, accounting for 23% of total investment.

At present, the LED upstream industry has experienced two stages of technology accumulation in Europe, the United States and Japan, and large-scale mass production in Taiwan. Since last year, Taiwan-funded enterprises have gradually transferred upstream industries to the mainland, regardless of the final result of the enclosure movement. The changes brought about by the Chinese LED industry need to be seriously considered. With the increase of capital intensity, the level of industrial competition will inevitably rise, and the original industrial structure in China will surely usher in a real change.

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LED Work Light

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