Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urges home appliance mergers and acquisitions, 2011 color TV companies will usher in a turn

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Independent Brands in China's Household Appliance Industry” on January 11. The "Opinions" pointed out that it is necessary to use the capital market to support industrial transfer and integration, and encourage mergers and acquisitions of brand enterprises across regions and across borders.

The guidance has drawn up specific targets. By 2015, more than 80% of enterprises in the household appliance industry will formulate a clear brand strategy; the R&D investment intensity will be no less than 3%; the independent brand export ratio will be no less than 30%; and 3 to 5 owns will be formed. Strong self-innovation ability, independent brand with high influence and competitiveness in the international market.

In this regard, the guidance said that it will continue to implement and improve the "energy-saving products benefit the people project", "home appliances trade-in" and "home appliances to the countryside" and other related policies, and guide the support of brand enterprises to strengthen the key components, high-end and energy-efficient and low environmental protection The technical transformation of the carbon product production line supports the import of key parts and production equipment that cannot be produced domestically; government procurement should purchase domestic products and services, use the capital market to support the transfer and integration of the home appliance industry, and encourage brand enterprises to cross-regional and cross-border Mergers and acquisitions, etc.

The guidance also proposes that in terms of policy measures, it is necessary to support trademark registration and patent application of independent brands abroad, increase the protection of independent brands to register trademarks and apply for patents abroad; and guide and support independent brands to actively participate in overseas exhibitions. Activities such as overseas mergers and acquisitions, establishment of factories and industrial park construction; encourage and support enterprises to jointly build overseas marketing channels and after-sales service network, and establish a financial service platform for independent brand enterprises to establish international research and development, production systems and brand promotion.

According to Gaogong LED observation, the quality of foreign-funded color TVs has changed to the domestic market due to the sluggish overseas market; the industrial chain of domestic LCD TV upstream panels is not perfect and is subject to Japanese and Korean enterprises; in 2009, the sales volume in 2010 is expected to affect inventory and other factors. In 2010, most domestic color TV companies were losing money.

Benefiting from this "guidance", color TV companies represented by Hisense and Skyworth are expected to emerge from the difficult 2010 and usher in a new turn.

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