Hongguan's December revenue of 44.09 million NT dollars

Mainly attacked the power management IC of Hongguan Electronics Industry (3257), the public performance in December 2010, benefiting from the continued increase in market demand, coupled with the profitability of entering the LED field, revenue of 44.09 million NT dollars, cumulative 1-12 Monthly revenue was 544 million yuan, an increase of 54.84%.

The legal person said that with the new products LED lighting high-efficiency driver and low-power electronic products high-efficiency control IC and other flowering results, pay attention to the company's sports energy, the annual net profit after tax per share will exceed 3 yuan. The company has obtained the approval letter for the listing of the Securities and Futures Bureau, and it is expected to trade as early as the end of March.

Established in 1998, Hongguan is mainly engaged in power conversion management ICs, which are (AC-DC) and (DC-DC) power conversions, among which AC power is converted to DC power (AC-DC) offline products as the core. Products are used in switching power supplies (SPS), such as: personal computers, LCD TVs, various types of Adapater, LED lighting, etc., the market structure of domestic sales 64%, export 36%.

At present, Rainbow Crown also introduces power factor and pulse width modulation integrated type, interleaved synchronous hybrid resonant architecture and new process 700 volts withstand voltage power control IC, among which power factor and pulse width modulation integrated control IC (PFC + PWM Combo), It is an active power factor control IC with a high output power of 80~90%. It has already replaced the commercially available output power of 60% passive power factor component circuit and existing active power factor IC products at home and abroad. The market acceptance is quite high, customers Highly recognized. Hongguan also actively participates in other processes such as battery management flow and interface, low-dropout voltage regulator, audio amplifier driver and field-effect transistor and other semiconductor products, which will increase the power source for the company's growth.

In addition, the company has entered the LED power-saving high-efficiency IC control circuit design, in response to future indoor and outdoor lighting systems.

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