New breakthrough in water-cooled bulb technology

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" July issue / Chen Xiran]

Technical limitations of traditional LED bulbs

LED bulbs have always relied on traditional aluminum fins to solve the heat dissipation problem of LEDs, which has caused an inevitable problem. The bulbs that use aluminum fins dissipate heat less than 80 degrees, and the rest of the dark areas are aluminum fins. The film is obscured, so that the spherical light reflected by the bulb is killed. This kind of bulb is used for crystal lamps or other decorative lighting fixtures, which makes it difficult to realize its aesthetic value, plus many bulbs are used upwards. The installation method makes a large area dark area appear in the lower area where illumination is required, and the area under the illumination needs to be illuminated by the reflection of the wall body, and the utility is greatly reduced.

The aluminum fin heat dissipation adopts a channel type heat dissipation structure. In order to control the junction temperature of the LED chip, the heat conduction channel from the wafer to the surface of the aluminum fin must be opened, but the combination of various materials generates a lot of thermal resistance, so that The thermal conductivity of this channel is limited, and the cost of the heat conduction channel between these links must be increased, and the effect is not very good. Some bulbs use a form of light-emitting struts to achieve a stereoscopic light pattern, which in turn leads to a narrowing of the heat-conducting channel. Although the volume of the heat sink is further reduced, the light-emitting form of the light bulb achieves a stereoscopic light type, but its LED chip junction The temperature is very serious, the whole lamp decays very fast, which violates the practical value of LED energy saving and long life.

Technical characteristics of water-cooled bulbs

In order to realize the practical characteristics of high efficiency, long life and spherical light of LED bulbs, water-cooled lamps realize the application of LED bulbs by using the company's patented thermal conductive light-guiding liquid. The light guiding liquid is an insulator, and there is no problem of oxidation of the contact parts, and the refractive index and light transmittance of the liquid are excellent, which plays a key role in the light output of the LED and the improvement of the color rendering index. By using the inside of the lamp housing to fill the special liquid, the LED bulb can emit the same light type as the traditional incandescent lamp, and perfectly solve the heat dissipation problem of the LED light-emitting chip, so that the whole lamp has a longer life and truly realizes the LED ball. The light-shaped three-dimensional shape of the lamp, the appearance is beautiful, and the service life is long.

For more information, please refer to the July issue of "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" magazine.

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