UCLA research proposes to develop a fuel car

Now, although technology is constantly improving, a variety of new energy vehicles are constantly emerging, but oil, or gasoline, still occupies the most important position in this field. But in the future, maybe we will use cleaner electric cars - although some people have used it now, it is clear that it will become more popular in the future. Do you think this is over? Americans who can play can always make some weird moves to ruin your three views.

Before this, or a long time ago, someone suggested that cars with alcohol (ethanol) fuel could be used to alleviate the pressure from the energy crisis. This is certainly a good idea, but then people have figured out that even if all the corn produced in the United States is used to make ethanol, it can not solve the energy problem fundamentally. So the plan was put aground. But now, it has been re-introduced, and with this is a more devastating thing: someone proposed to develop a car with a poop as a fuel!

And, the suggestion is still the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the right prestigious school has wood! However, they can actually make such a study of the destruction of the three views, and also made recommendations. They calculate that the United States excretes more than 1 billion tons of poop (including humans and other living things) each year, and these natural fertilizers are almost completely wasted. After all, under the purely mechanized production of agriculture in the United States, this traditional method of fertilization is indeed difficult for farmers to accept. Even dealing with these things requires a lot of money and manpower. If so, why not use them where you need them?

Although everyone knows in their hearts, it is not that they use this thing directly as fuel, but to extract the combustible substances. However, Xiao Bian still feels that this is a very ruined proposal.

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