Fantasy staged: What is the Apple 5.8-inch OLED screen iPhone?

March 9 news, Taiwan's electronics Times reported earlier that Apple is preparing a 5.8 inches of the iPhone, and will use the O led screen, vendors Samsung and LG, the fastest next year will be to meet with us.

â–² concept map

In fact, Apple has applied for related patents as early as 2011. The patent shows a device with a curved side screen. When it is different from Samsung's S7, its specific implementation may include wraparound, folding, etc. The extension of the main screen, where you can place shortcut switches, etc., for quick photo taking or volume adjustment.

With the maturity of O LED screen technology, its advantages have begun to show up. It is no surprise that Apple iPhone uses OLED one day. These exaggerated devices may not come soon, but I believe this will be future innovation. The direction.

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