Lingyun's full intelligent capability platform voiceprint recognition capability service

At the beginning of the new year, Jietong Huasheng announced that in order to meet the explosive application needs of artificial intelligence technology, it launched the private cloud version of Lingyun's comprehensive artificial intelligence open platform ('s all-intelligence capability platform, working with system integrators to solve Solution providers and software developers jointly promote the wide application of various artificial intelligence technologies in various fields and industries. Lingyun's all-intelligence capability platform can provide individual items including Lingyun's speech synthesis, speech recognition, handwriting recognition, OCR, voiceprint recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, semantic understanding and other capabilities according to the field and industry market needs. A series of platform-level products combined with multiple capabilities form a complete product system that spans the fields of intelligent voice, intelligent images, intelligent semantics, and biometrics. The launch of Lingyun's all-intelligence capability platform has comprehensively started the industrialization process of all-round artificial intelligence technology, laying a solid foundation for promoting the industrialization and application of artificial intelligence in the enterprise market.

Lingyun Voiceprint Recognition Capability Platform is one of the products of Lingyun's all-intelligent capability platform that provides voiceprint recognition single technology capability. The platform can not only provide Lingyun voiceprint recognition capability for various application systems, but also according to user's specific Business requirements, flexible connection of AI capabilities such as Lingyun OCR, face, fingerprint, etc., to provide various integrator AI such as Lingyun voiceprint, OCR, face, fingerprint recognition, etc. for system integrators, solution providers, software developers The ability of platform-level products to enable them to build multi-dimensional, high-security authentication systems to meet the needs of financial, telecommunications, energy, government, transportation, judicial, national security, social security and other fields, industries to provide more and more identity security authentication High demands.

Lingyun's full intelligent capability platform voiceprint recognition capability service

Lingyun voiceprint recognition capability platform builds a safe and reliable identity authentication system

Everyone has a unique voiceprint, and different individuals can be distinguished by identifying the voiceprint. Lingyun voiceprint recognition technology uses the world's most advanced second-generation i-vector algorithm. The response speed is extremely fast. The accuracy of voiceprint recognition is as high as 99%. A single voiceprint model only occupies 2KB resources, and by using endpoint detection and noise cancellation Technology, which effectively overcomes the impact of environmental noise on the accuracy of voiceprint recognition, can adapt to the requirements of ordinary microphones to collect voiceprint information in various working occasions, and meets the needs of different companies for identity authentication equipment that is simple and easy to use, safe and reliable, and cost Low cost, strong adaptability and other requirements.

At present, with its unique advantages of supporting remote identity authentication, as well as easy access, low cost, and friendly experience, voiceprint recognition technology has begun to be gradually applied to the remote verification of the identity of payment personnel in the financial field, and the personnel in the call center of the telecommunications field. In the scenarios of identity verification, verification of the identity of insured persons in the field of pension and social security, and voiceprint identification of audio materials in the field of judicial national security, a new model of remote identity security certification has been opened up.

In order to give partners the ability to build and connect an identity authentication system with high reliability, smooth portability, and higher security authentication level, Jietong Huasheng launched the Lingyun voiceprint recognition capability platform. The platform can be independently deployed inside the customer's business system to provide voiceprint recognition capabilities for various application systems. It not only overcomes the pain point that traditional voiceprint recognition cloud services cannot guarantee the leakage of important information, but also meets the user's high confidentiality requirements for identity authentication information. It can also flexibly connect various AI capabilities such as Lingyun OCR, face, fingerprint, etc. according to the specific business needs of users, effectively overcome the application difficulties such as misidentification and rejection of single security authentication and recognition technology, and construct licenses and multiple biometrics. The integrated identity verification and identification system combined with information satisfies the user business system's need for multi-dimensional, high-security identity authentication of customers.

Lingyun Voiceprint Recognition Capability Platform has all kinds of excellent performances possessed by Lingyun's all-intelligent capability platform. It is easy and convenient to connect with various application systems, and only partners such as system integrators, solution providers, software developers, etc. Through the common protocol interface, you can call the voiceprint recognition technology capability service, which greatly facilitates the integration of partners in various practical application systems and voiceprint recognition platforms. The Lingyun voiceprint recognition platform also provides an integrated visual management background, real-time monitoring of usage status and operating system and other services, making the texture recognition service easy to manage, real-time display, and methodical, fully satisfying financial, telecommunications, energy, government, The application requirements of voiceprint identity authentication technology and various biometrics technical capabilities in various fields and industries such as transportation, justice, national security, and social security.

Jietong Huasheng China's artificial intelligence industry leader

Lingyun's all-intelligence capability platform and Lingyun voiceprint capability platform are derived from the strong technical backing of Jietong Huasheng Company-a comprehensive artificial intelligence development platform-Lingyun ( Since Jietong Huasheng launched the Lingyun platform in 2011, Jietong Huasheng is firmly committed to the industrial development of artificial intelligence technology, and is committed to making the distance between the "high-precision" artificial intelligence technology and the public and the industry no longer.

With the rapid increase in the market's demand for Lingyun's voiceprint capabilities and the combination of voiceprint and various artificial intelligence technologies, Jietong Huasheng has launched Lingyun's all-intelligence capability platform that links various AI capabilities of Lingyun , Partners can not only call Lingyun voiceprint capability alone, but also flexibly combine Lingyun voiceprint, OCR, face, fingerprint and other recognition capabilities to establish a multi-dimensional identity authentication system, and can also call Lingyun voiceprint recognition, voice Recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding and other capabilities, establish intelligent voice navigation with voiceprint identity recognition, telephone version of intelligent customer service and other systems to achieve personalized customer service.

In 2013, Jietong Huasheng and Tsinghua University reached a strategic cooperation of "Lingyun Technology, Originating from Tsinghua, and Serving the World", and jointly created the "Tsinghua Lingyun Artificial Intelligence Research Center", jointly working to promote the development of China's artificial intelligence industry . With the support of Tsinghua University's artificial intelligence technology, the Lingyun platform has become the largest, most comprehensive and influential cloud service platform in the field of artificial intelligence in China. It has made efforts to promote China's artificial intelligence industry into the era of cloud services Important contribution. In 2015, Jietong Huasheng was recognized as the "Leading Enterprise of China's Artificial Intelligence Industry" by the industry's leading edge of all-round artificial intelligence technology and its contribution to the development of China's artificial intelligence industry.

In the future development, in the high-speed development of the artificial intelligence industry in the world, Jietong Huasheng will continue to rely on the artificial intelligence research force of Tsinghua University to strengthen the "Tsinghua Lingyun Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Tsinghua Strait Research Institute Artificial Intelligence Research The construction of "Centre" will focus more on artificial intelligence technology research and industrial application, sincerely cooperate with partners in the industry to jointly create a good artificial intelligence industry ecology, and jointly promote the development and progress of China's artificial intelligence industry, for China's artificial intelligence industry in the world Make a due contribution within the scope of the rise!

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