Seoul Semiconductor Launches Patented LED lamp for AC Power

December 7, 2004... The leader of the Korean LED industry, Seoul Semiconductor (President & CEO? Chung Hoon, Lee? ), later called SSC, has announced their development of the LED lamp for AC power. Chip can be used in connection with a general AC power by only one light source which has high quality and luminosity through the Seoul Opto-Device, a SSC?s affiliate company. SSC plans to supply this chip through a packaging process through LED for the Illumination market. Meanwhile, SSC has filed for a patent of this chip and announced to hold a product demonstration in January 2005.

In regards to lamps for illumination, it began with the use of tungsten bulb, fluorescents lights, and halogen lights. Currently, lamps use a low voltage DC LED. The development of the LED for AC power by SSC has created a new horizon for the Illumination market. For LED, just 10~20% energy consumption is needed, and it has semi-permanent lifetime with 100,000 hours, comparing to general lamp. Unlike standard LED, LED lamp for AC power can be operated without AC-DC converter. Thus, 50% decreased in sales price becomes possible and it?s compact sizing makes suitable for various application as well.

SSC is expected to place new sales through strategic marketing of products in the illumination market up to six hundred million dollars after the demonstration in January 2005. SSC has finished filing for patents in countries throughout the world. SSC intends to have exclusivity in this market and Retain its superior position for the next two years and it makes difficult for competitors to penetrate the market.

The chip SSC has developed has tremendous efficiency compared to a number of LEDs since the LED for AC power has the same amount of light as a multi-light emitting cell. This is a cutting edge invention as the LED no longer relies on an AC- In addition, there has been a reduced in the cost of an active packaging process and a simplification of composition of parts and a substitute For a number of chips.

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