Attributable to the overall development trend of 2010 lighting industry

As 2010 is about to pass, a new page will be launched. For the lighting industry, 2010 is a year of great events. Between the review and the prospects, the development trend of China's lighting lighting in 2010 has come down to the following:

First, after vigorously nurturing the domestic consumer market in 2009, the Chinese government’s policy on the real estate market began to return to rationality. This will be a major measure for the development of China's lighting industry and the squeeze of the squeeze. This is an important measure for the industry. Have far-reaching effects;

Second, with the introduction of various national energy-saving emission reduction policies, energy saving and environmental protection will be implemented by the government's slogan to the market's actual performance. This is an unprecedented opportunity and challenge for China's energy-saving light source industry, and it has also become China's lighting industry. An important milestone in upgrading and exporting companies to domestic sales;

Third, after nearly three decades of development, the lighting industry in China has begun to compete from product competition to channel competition, from the competition of industry brand competition to capital and service forces.

Fourth, the product pattern of China's lighting industry will present a differentiated regional competition. The creation of regional brands will enter the agenda of relevant local governments;

V. With the successive introduction of national energy conservation policies, LED will only make money from the past and make no money to enter the era of large-scale outbreak of the market;

6. China's rural market will show an unprecedented boom in sales;

Seventh, the national energy subsidies will continue to increase. Energy-saving subsidies companies are feeling the benefits of national preferential policies, they began to pay more attention to using the government's brand recognition of the opportunity to take advantage of the depth of the secondary and tertiary markets. Expanding and advancing toward the era of independent innovation will have a tremendous impact on the classification of the industry.

VIII. 2010 is an inflection point for the industry and regional brands to move toward the popular brand, and is also a harbinger of the advent of the industry oligarchs;

Nine, the upstream manufacturing enterprises will enter into an era of mutual complementarity, differentiation and capitalization integration.

X. The downstream market will witness an era in which capitalization, chaining, branding, informationization, and enterprise management are integrated in a vertically integrated manner.

With the entry of foreign investment, the lighting industry has witnessed the emergence of domestic competition in the international market. Efforts have been made to increase the development of energy-saving light sources and lamps with different grades, patterns, and different uses, and to speed up the development and application of green and energy-saving light source products. The focus of adjustments; at the same time build their own strengths The brand is also an important issue for the sustainable development of the lighting industry, lighting companies to deal with competition. China's lighting industry will face unprecedented opportunities and challenges, and the resulting huge commercial interest has also become the focus of lighting manufacturers.

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