High-frequency synchronous boost structure LED driver listed

Recently, Texas Instruments announced the launch of a TPS61050 LED driver based on a high-frequency synchronous boost structure. It provides a constant current sink to drive a single high-brightness white LED. Inductive fixed-frequency pulse-width modulation (PWM) control technology minimizes input ripple current and meets the requirements of white LED flash in a variety of applications, including camera phones, smart phones, PDAs, and other general-purpose lighting application. This 2 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.625 mm microminiature device is suitable for a variety of small external components, reducing the overall solution size to less than 25 mm2. For more information, please visit: http://focus.TI.com.cn/cn/docs/prod/folders/print/tps61050.html.

TI's TPS61050 chip (IC) uses a 2 MHz switching frequency, allowing the use of a small form factor, low profile 2.2 μH inductor. The TPS61050 device can be used both as a regulated current supply and as a standard boost regulator. This additional mode of operation is useful for powering other high power devices in the system, such as audio power amplifiers or other components that require a supply voltage that is higher than the battery voltage.

For maximum flexibility, the device's LED current or required output voltage can be programmed through an I2C-compatible interface. The TPS61050 also simplifies design by integrating four preset modes of operation. To simplify the synchronization of the flash and camera modules, the device also provides a trigger pin for fast LED start-up time. When the TPS61050 is not operating, the shutdown mode is entered through the I2C-compatible interface, reducing the input current to 0.3 μA. During shutdown, the LED pins are in a high impedance state to avoid leakage currents in the LEDs.

Key features:

? Four working modes:
o ILED up to 1200 mA flashlight and flash mode;
o Output voltage adjustable boost converter: 4.5/5.0/5.25 V;
o Shutdown mode: 0.3 mA (typical);
The overall solution circuit area is less than 25 mm2;
? Efficiency up to 96%;
? Up to 400 kbps I2C compatible interface;
? Integrated LED start safety timer;
• Integrated analog-to-digital converter for LED forward voltage monitoring;
? Integrated weak lighting mode;
? The LED is turned off during the off period;
? Open/short LED protection;
? Over temperature protection.


The TPS61050 is available now in volume production and can be ordered through TI's and its distributors worldwide network. The device is available in a 2 mm x 1.5 mm 12-lead chip scale package and a 10-pin QFN package.

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TI offers the broadest portfolio of high performance products to meet today's LED design requirements including power management, such as AC/DC, power factor correction, DC/DC and linear power conversion; RF transceivers; DSP and ultra low Power consumption MCU, etc. TI products support a wide range of applications, including the industry's ultra-small portable display and the largest lighting and display panels. In addition, TI's native support and application expertise can help designers accelerate time-to-market.


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