CIE conference live report: expert photo (Figure)

On July 4th, the 26th International Conference of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. The following is a graphic report sent back by Aladdin Lighting.
During the conference, in addition to the CIE conference, various branch meetings, and technical committee meetings, lighting exhibitions and rich social and cultural activities will be arranged. The 26th session of the CIE was hosted by the National Lighting Commission of China. It is the first time in China to host the most important conference in the field of international lighting. Many experts from China and abroad participated in the conference. The photo shows the attendance experts from the Aladdin Lighting Network and the intimate group photo of Mr. Hu Zhongshun from Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Trade Co., Ltd.

Left: Mr. Ma Bin (Yangguang Culture) Middle: Mr. MACR, Vice President of CIE, right: Mr. Hu Zhongshun (Guangya Exhibition)

Mr. Hu Zhongshun (Guangya Exhibition) and Mr. Cai Zuquan, the father of Chinese light source

Mr. Li Jing and Mr. Hu Zhongshun (Guangya Exhibition)

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